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Nimue Lady of the Lake

Nimue Lady of the Lake can transport herself to another realm in which water is present. She can also travel through time and view future events. Nimue is immune to the effects of aging and conventional disease and possesses magical powers.
She can to travel to Otherworlds/Avalon, and possibly to other dimensions as well. She has long held the sword Excalibur, which she bestows unto only the most worthy swordsmen.
The Lady of The Lake was a mysterious female credited with giving King Arthur the legendary sword Excalibur and the mystic scabbard which protected the wearer from dying.
She was also credited with abducting Lancelot to her underwater dwelling to be her ward, training him to be the greatest of all knights.

Created using charcoal and pastel
Angels, Gods, Goddesses & Mythology series 1
20" X 30"

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