about Jamie Arias

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Jamie Arias was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He began drawing at the age of four and was honored throughout school for his natural artistic talents. Both his father and grandfather were artists.

In High School Jamie studied Plato, which then led him to embark on his journey into the world of science, mythology and conceptual fantasy. With his heightened imagination he began expressing his visions and the deeper meanings to life on paper. Jamie has always been drawn to mythology, Arthurian legends and metaphysical subjects.
Shortly after High School, Jamie majored in fine art and minored in commercial art at the Art Center College of Design. After college and completion of a large commercial job for Disney, Jamie traveled extensively throughout Europe exploring various museums and art galleries. He was inspired by many great artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Gerome.

In addition to being an artist, Jamie has had a successful career as a professional dancer and singer with his wife Gail who is the model in his fine art.

I believe we are all connected and everything we do and say affects everyone around us individually and collectively to varying degrees. I also believe that art, beauty, and the appreciation of aesthetics can help raise our consciousness and elevate us to a higher vibration.

I like to imagine ourselves to be like a guitar string for example, vibrating at a harmonic frequency which then in turn affects the strings right beside us. The more we aspire to resonate at a higher frequency, the more we will attract, and feel uplifted to tap into our own unique tone of grace and beauty. In that grace and beauty, we can then receive and experience more love on the physical and metaphysical planes of existence.

I hope that these pieces will inspire you to think and feel beyond just the image you see in front of you. Be still, go within and let your imagination take flight.